PROJECT: Changing Operations and Behaviours Globally


A worldwide corporate payment company was rolling out a huge change management initiative to align all operations globally. Significant employee behaviour changes would need to occur, fast. With governmental, cultural and operational differences across a number of countries, it was clear that achieving a globally consistent organization would be challenging. With Canada being a key market, BottomLine Group was tasked with managing the Canadian project from end to end within an aggressive timeframe.


Our team began by establishing a rigorous status reporting process as well as creating risk and issues management plans. To successfully inform and engage the company’s Canadian leadership and employees, our team then developed a comprehensive communications plan to outline the impact of the new, global ‘go to market’ approach, including hosting a two-day, country-wide employee summit.

Bottomline Results

The entire change initiative was successfully rolled out on time and served to inspire the workforce. In addition, all Net Promoter Scores (NPS) increased after the 2-day summit, with:

27% improvement in agreement that there is effective collaboration with business partners

36% improvement in confidence on the future success of the company’s Canadian division

Overall, 91% of the leaders had confidence in the success of the Canadian division