PROJECT: Financial Crisis Preparedness Testing


A major Canadian bank needed to accurately gauge its ability to initiate a Crisis Management Plan. Given the sensitive nature of the exercise, the bank turned to BottomLine Group to plan and execute a tabletop exercise in partnership with the bank’s President, CEO and Crisis Management Executive Team.


Our team began by developing a playbook that included step-by-step actions the Crisis Management Executive Team would take as part of the test. Interviews with bank executives were then used to identify key scenarios that would trigger the initiation of the Crisis Management Plan. A detailed script was developed that included objectives, roles and responsibilities and desired outcomes. From there, our BottomLine Group team facilitated the session with the executive team

Bottomline Results

The Crisis Management Plan playbook and corresponding tabletop exercise we created and facilitated actively involved the bank’s executive team at all stages of the test development and execution. As a result, the test allowed them to:

Demonstrate to regulators that the bank could initiate the Crisis Management Plan quickly and effectively

Identify minor, but important, changes to the initiation process

Determine what data and reports were required to put the plan in action

Better understand the available options and potential outcomes