PROJECT: Fintech Innovation and Enablement


An international bank was launching an initiative with a financial technology company (‘fintech’). The goal was to support its customer-focused strategy by converging business innovation with technology enablement – a highly complex ask. Given the broad stakeholder base and requirement to implement in multiple countries, the bank looked to our BottomLine Group financial services team to lead the project.


From our extensive experience in the financial services industry, we knew the project would depend on ensuring that risk management guidelines were followed at all stages. The BottomLine Group team worked with bank and fintech executives to identify key milestones, stakeholders and subject matter experts. A detailed project plan was developed, a governance structure established, and a communication strategy was implemented to ensure all goals were aligned.

Bottomline Results

The outcome of our plan and processes ensured that our client’s major risks and mitigating actions were clearly identified and executed on time and on budget. In addition, the project resulted in:

New product offerings being introduced to an important customer segment

‘Lessons learned’ being captured to inform other fintech related initiatives, primarily those related to risk management