PROJECT: Growth Strategy to Redefine Company


A leading provider of document technology services was desperate to grow. They looked to BottomLine Group to help them develop a growth strategy. The goal was to capture high-value opportunities in the Document Outsourcing Services (DOS) market.

1. Analyze the DOS market
2. Develop a standardized methodology
3. Reposition the DOS

To meet the challenge, we implemented a 3-phased strategy. In the first phase, we analyzed the DOS market across customer and industry segments, including an identification of capability gaps and a prioritization of opportunities. The second phase included developing a standardized methodology to review and assess specific customer segments, including development of customer-focused value propositions. While the third phase saw us reposition the DOS offering to be customer focused and aligned to the customer lifecycle.

Bottomline Results

Through BottomLine Group’s proven methodologies, we created four key priorities that the client used to exceed the desired market penetration and revenue growth targets:

Target sales efforts to companies that fall in the high-priority customer segments

Develop sub-vertical specific propositions that address specific targeted customer needs with solutions that can be leveraged across industries allowing operational efficiencies

Develop and expand identified key capabilities through a multitier approach (build, buy leverage)

Redefine the company’s capabilities and core offerings based on the customer’s point of view