PROJECT: Inspiring a Hospitality Mindset


One of North America’s leading automobile companies was hit with deteriorating customer service scores. BottomLine Group and myPractice were engaged to help the company’s service advisors develop a hospitality mind-set – like a butler – and ultimately have a quantifiable impact on the customer experience.


Our BottomLine Group and myPractice team designed and delivered a program for the Service Advisors that centred around a ‘Hospitality Road Map.’ The program leveraged a professional butler’s insights to deliver interactive workshops focused on building the skills needed to create an unforgettable customer service experience. A month after the workshops, the participants went through a practice coaching program to hone and embed their hospitality skills, and deliver an exceptional experience.

Bottomline Results

The myPractice team and learning solutions revved up the Service Advisors. All seven of our client’s Customer Service Metrics increased anywhere from 3.7 to 8.0 points. Notable results included:

99% of program participants strongly agreed or agreed that the workshops provided them with valuable new knowledge and skills

98% of program participants strongly agreed or agreed that they feel more confident in their abilities to do their job