PROJECT: Leading With Connected Conversations


An Ontario hospital was undergoing a major change management effort. The leadership team was overwhelmed by the organizational changes, new technologies and system overhaul. As a result, the hospital’s leaders and employees alike had been faced with increased pressure of doing more with less. To reduce those pressures, the hospital administrations turned to BottomLine Group and myPractice to help their business leaders develop strong, foundational skills and navigate emotionally charged and highly challenging interactions.


Our BottomLine Group and myPractice team delivered an interactive and experiential 3-hour workshop focused on creating “connected conversations”. To entrench the workshop training, leaders received additional one-on-one practice and instant feedback by phone with mock “employees” who were played by myPractice Performance Coaches.

Bottom-line Results

The myPractice program clearly connected with the hospital’s leadership team. When surveyed, all participants agreed or strongly agreed that the follow-up coaching helped to improve their competence in handling critical conversations, including:

Improved self-awareness and self-management skills in their conversations

Continued development during follow-up coaching sessions

Ability to check and manage their own emotional triggers for productive interactions