Whether you are looking to bridge the gap between your brand promise and your customer experience, increase customer loyalty or unlock the potential of your management team or front-line staff, we work with you to embed the right behaviours that make change stick.


+ Leadership Development

How do leaders align with business strategy, embody the company vision and values, and inspire action in their teams? By having lots of practice. Through a tailored learning experience, we can help your leaders build stronger relationships, turn difficult situations into opportunities, and successfully express themselves in an authentic manner that drives positive action. Our capabilities include:

  • Leadership behaviour and styles

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leading with presence

  • Skill reinforcement and sustainment

Featured Project: Leading With Connected Conversations
+ Change

Whether your business is just starting up, has been thriving for years or is ready to take on new challenges, we will work with you to tailor a business plan and help you advance it as your business evolves. You can trust our team of experienced consultants to secure your company’s future success by identifying market trends, developing frameworks, and conducting forecasts of possible opportunities and threats. Our capabilities include:

  • Identification of current and future/desired state

  • Stakeholder assessment and understanding

  • Communications strategy and tactics

  • Training and development

  • Reporting and measurement

  • Plan deployment

Featured Project: Changing Operations and Behaviours Globally
+ Sales and Service

Sometimes the biggest difference in enabling your business can be made by improving the effectiveness of your sales and delivery teams. We can take your teams on a journey to reframe and rebrand your unique value proposition; a journey that leads to winning business, increasing loyalty and driving growth. Our capabilities include:

  • Value proposition development

  • Go-to-market strategy and planning

  • Sales and service effectiveness

  • Customer journey/lifecycle mapping

  • Process, tools and approaches

  • Measurement (skills and sales results)

Featured Project: A Salesforce Enablement Journey
+ Learning

Practice makes the difference! With BottomLine Group’s innovative myPractice learning solutions, our professionally-trained Performance Coaches work with your team to bridge the gap between your brand promise and customer experience, increase loyalty by delivering a great customer experience, and unlock the potential of your leaders and front-line teams. Our programs range from one-on-one executive coaching, to workshops and training events, to video and virtual learning. Our virtual training program offers you the opportunity to deliberately practice your skills in a live, simulated environment and receive instant, targeted coaching. Visit our dedicated www.practiceonus.com website to learn more about our capabilities, including:

  • Learning design and development

  • Performance coaching

  • Experiential learning

  • Learning sustainment and reinforcement

  • Sales and service training and coaching

  • Customer experience and call centre training

Featured Project: Inspiring a Hospitality Mindset

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