A healthy bottom-line starts with top line clarity. Our team partners with your leaders and key stakeholders to define what success looks like from a shareholder, customer and employee perspective. We will then leverage that learning to develop tailored recommendations that drive business growth.



From competitor and internal assessments to financial modelling, we develop and drive a strategic plan that inspires your team and achieves the results you need. Our capabilities include:

  • Competitive assessments

  • Opportunity identification

  • Market positioning and segmentation

  • Technology program design

  • Value chain analysis

  • Financial modelling and forecasting

  • Product and services profitability

Featured Project: A Growth Strategy to Redefine a Company

Whether your business is just starting up, has been thriving for years or is ready to take on new challenges, we will work with you to tailor a business plan and help you advance it as your business evolves. You can trust our team of experienced consultants to secure your company’s future success by identifying market trends, developing frameworks, and conducting forecasts of possible opportunities and threats. Our capabilities include:

  • Goal setting and strategy prioritization

  • Key driver and SWOT analysis

  • New customer targeting and acquisition strategies

  • Market trend reporting

  • Financial forecasting

  • Customer retention and loyalty program development

Featured Project: Building a Strategic Growth Plan

From end to end, we help you win the bid.  From assessing the Request for Proposal and pitch response development to presentation deck development and high-stakes pitch delivery, we can help you persuade the client and win the work. Our capabilities include:

  • Pre-bid strategy

  • B2B solution selling

  • Value proposition development

  • Presentation coaching and practice

  • Bid response strategy; structure, creation, project management, presentation development and assessment

Featured Project: $85 MM Construction Contract Pitch

Our experienced team of consultants can support your go-to-market strategy with superior research and insights. You can trust us to conduct a comprehensive review of your offerings or research your positioning in the market, all with the goal of discovering new opportunities for growth. Along the way, we will partner with you to analyze all possible outcomes and how they will impact, and even enhance, your bottom-line. Our capabilities include:

  • Industry overviews

  • Competitive research

  • Market segment sizing and prioritization

  • Value chain assessment

  • Customer profiling and segmentation

  • Customer lifetime and lifecycle value assessments

Featured Project: North American Market Sizing Study

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