PROJECT: Partners in Delivering Enhanced Customer Experiences


A well-known Canadian travel insurance provider had partnered with a large financial institution to provide policy underwriting, claims adjudication, telesales and eBusiness support. Unfortunately, the partnership was not a good fit and quickly became detrimental to the customer experience. With a multimillion-dollar portfolio on the line, the travel insurance provider needed to quickly find a new financial institution that could help transition its complex technology solution under exceptionally tight timelines. Fortunately, this new FI partner had a special asset: BottomLine Group.


Our team knew that a seamless transition between the two new partners meant a transition with minimal disruption to the customer experience. A BottomLine Group team member was immediately integrated as the Senior Project Manager to lead all aspects of the transition process. By being fully integrated with both new partners, the Project Manager provided leadership, ongoing communication, concise status reporting and consulting expertise to meet project objectives.

Bottomline Results

Through BottomLine Group’s dedicated project leadership, the integration was successful achieved within the aggressive timelines and on budget. Most importantly:

The customer experience was maintained throughout the transition and was ultimately enhanced through the new partnership relationship

Team collaboration was enhanced across all functional groups resulting in improved efficiencies