A collection of whitepapers, industry insight reports and featured BottomLine Group projects and capabilities.


WHITEPAPER: Dynamic Hotel Rates Q&A Copy

Are dynamic hotel rates a fit for your program? Insights and considerations to help you decide.

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WHITEPAPER: Six Best Practices for Engaging Your People

Brands that rise to the top (and stay there) find ways to harness their most powerful and differentiating asset – their people.

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WHITEPAPER: Business Travel and Shared Economy Accommodations

Find out why you can't afford to ignore the sharing economy any longer when it comes to your Business Travel strategy and sourcing.

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Featured Expertise

EXPERTISE: Travel Consulting

Our BottomLine Group Travel Consulting team is recognized as a leader in the travel industry, and works with you to reach your unique goals.

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Featured Projects

PROJECT: $85M Contract Construction Pitch

An American construction company was in the running for a university stadium contract. They called on BottomLine Group and myPractice for the win.

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PROJECT: Business Line Review

As part of a planned regulatory review of a key retail portfolio, a major financial institution turned to BottomLine Group to provide end-to-end management of the review.

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PROJECT: Line of Defence Implementation

A major financial institution reached out to BottomLine Group for assistance in ensuring that their ‘three line of defence’ model was being effectively implemented.

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PROJECT: Regulatory Compliance Management Program

A major financial institution approached BottomLine Group to oversee all aspects of change management for an enterprise-wide regulatory compliance program.

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PROJECT: Fintech Innovation and Enablement

An international bank was launching an initiative with a fintech and looked to our BottomLine Group financial services team to lead the project.

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PROJECT: Partners in Delivering Enhanced Customer Experiences

A well-known Canadian insurance provider looked to our BottomLine Group team for expert guidance during a transition between the two FI partners.

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