PROJECT: A Salesforce Enablement Journey


A Canadian Crown Corporation was struggling to meet sales targets in a booming digital market. To modernize their approach, the corporation needed to dramatically change the conversation their sales force was having with customers. BottomLine Group and myPractice were challenged to embed a new conversation that would set up the corporation for success.


Our BottomLine Group and myPractice team conducted a large-scale assessment of the current marketing and sales tools, made recommendations on the future state to support the rebranding, and designed a program to support the sales team with articulating the new messaging in the market. This multi-dimensional program included integrated Performance Coaching sessions to entrench the training, and advanced training that would align with the new marketing campaign.

Bottomline Results

The myPractice journey successfully transformed the sales team’s cautious attitude to one of full engagement and commitment. At the end of the program:

93% of the sales team felt more confident in their ability to change the customer conversation

95% of the sales team were eager to take the message out to their customers

100% indicated that the follow-up coaching and practice positively impacted their conversations with their customers