Craig Sands
Craig Sands
Managing Director

Over the past 30 years, Craig has had a dynamic background in the consulting and technology industries, and now lends his expertise as a Managing Director at BLG. Craig has been recognized for his business and sales leadership in the areas of strategy and technology for clients across North America and Europe. He has been part of many transformational change initiatives within the financial services sector as well as partnered with leading-edge technology companies to help shape and develop their go-to-market offerings. As an agent of change, Craig brings a wealth of valuable results to organizations and he measures his success based on that of his clients by thoughtfully triaging their unique challenges and opportunities into defined and measurable outcomes.

  • Business Strategy Formulation
  • Sales, Service and Operations Excellence
  • Leadership Development
  • Technology Innovation
  • Monetizing Channels, Alliances and Partnerships
How Craig makes a difference at BLG:

“I have a passion for inspiring and coaching others in order to maximize the performance and results for our people and clients.”