Justina Szecsi
Performance Coach

Justina is passionate about helping professionals identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from optimal performance.  A proud member of Bottom Line Group since 2013, She has had the pleasure of working with numerous reputable companies that span throughout Canada, US, Asia and Europe. Justina’s 20 years of combined experience as a performance coach, trainer, facilitator and actor has developed a unique set of abilities that not only helps create a safe learning environment but offers individuals the ability to uncover what specific set of skills and/or practice will most effectively sustain or generate future success.

  • Leadership Development 
  • Employee Training 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Program Execution 
How Justina makes a difference at BLG:

“I bring a unique set of skills to every client experience and team project. My colleagues can always count on me for a high level of dedication and a few laughs when necessary.”