Pam Johnson
Pam Johnson
Performance Coach

As a Performance Coach and member of the myPractice team, Pam has helped clients to deliver more effective business communications for over 6. She is an empathetic listener and brings an astute perspective on adult learning to a variety of clients. Pam has been involved in a number of myPractice initiatives, including coaching employees of one of North America’s largest automobile manufactures. She has also worked on projects for a global management consultancy, and provided coaching for leaders within the Health Care sector. Pam has over 13 years experience with coaching, and personal development, and has recently added small group facilitation to her skill set. She is passionate about personal awareness and emotional intelligence, and is committed to bringing these values into her client interactions.

  • Learning Solutions
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
How Pam makes a difference at BLG:

“I bring a creative approach to my coaching conversations. Clients and team members can count on me for an authentic, curious perspective.“