Rebecca Golden
Rebecca Golden
Performance Coach

Rebecca brings a 20-year history of coaching, training, communication and peer mediation experience. She has guided corporate managers and executives in the enhancement of their skills as coaches, and she has coached frontline staff to build strong relationships with their customer base, leading to client satisfaction and loyalty. Rebecca’s work with medical students and residents has enriched the practice of patient-centred care in medical facilities across Canada.  She approaches the arena of adult learning with a keen sensitivity to the learner’s needs, creating a safe, yet challenging space for adult learners to develop empowering skills that drive their business success.

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching Methodology
  • Communication Skills
  • Learning Solutions
How Rebecca makes a difference at BLG:

“I see every participant who comes to BLG and myPractice for coaching as an individual with a ton of potential. Through deliberate practice, I facilitate the discovery and development of each participant’s unique ability to connect to key people around them, which ultimately sustains and enhances their business.”